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Li mother carefully put the band to paste the words, but also did not forget to ask, my wife, you do not hurt the wound, and let the cook ready for dinner.

Anyan did not speak, sitting on the sofa looking out the window in a daze.

Until the door was closed, ants raised his fingers, the index finger close to the waterproof Band-Aid, and now with the slightest pain, just in the kitchen when she did not think, this moment, this pain even let her frown.

Go again, is already half an hour later, the servant would also like to persuade her, but the attitude is very firm, and this time the chef in the side of the guide, she thought, even if the difference is not bad to go.

Not so strong before want to cook the psychological, and seems to have been consumed almost warm, and the rest, but she had just promised, Xiao Jing back, she cooks.
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